Beweg dein Hirn – Workshops, Vorträge, Kurse
Move your brain by Matthias Nowak

Our offer to come to Munich 2019!

Join us for a premium football camp (male or female) with your coaches, teachers, players, team, school or academy!

Stay in Munich and get the experience to train at high professional level.

Our offer:

Stay in Munich, duration up to your choice
Date of arrival in Germany – open   Date of departure in Germany – open
based on 30-50 player + 5 coaches
accommodation in hostel/hotel in Munich or nearby
all food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks) included
– Accommodation in four bed rooms, coaches and group leaders in single/double room
– seminar rooms
– all transfers from/to airport, Hostel, Training, Matches, activities etc. by bus/coach
– all rents and fees for all facilities and training grounds/pitches
– all training stuff like enough balls, cones, bibs, etc.


1 st day arrival, transfer to accommodation, maybe first city tour
2 nd day see match – maybe Bundesliga, depends on schedule of Bundesliga which is not fixed yet
if it will be FC Bayern match, then a visit of FC Bayern museum is included
3 rd City Tour/ Shopping day and meet&greet with famous player
Training days – five days training
5 Trainings are held by coaches of several top teams in Munich (like Bayern, 1860, Ingolstadt, Augsburg)
incl. five training sessions with Matthias Nowak
4 th day starting educational exchange project in a local school
5 th day visit Allianz Area including FC Bayern museum
       BasisSPEEDanalysis, session and evaluation of all players in speedclub Munich
6 th day educational exchange project in a local school
7 th day visit of BMW factory and museum plus friendly matches with local teams
8 th day presentations of educational exchange project in a local school
9 th day City Tour and Shopping day
Also activities like amusement park and some other activity depends on availability, but you will have every day a full top programme.

The programme could be adapted to your individual circumstances and wishes.
Special points and wishes are possible and in case you will get an individual proposal.
Ca. four weeks before your trip, you will get a detailed schedule of all dates and activities.

Inclusions Group:

20/25 up to 50 Players
3-5 Staff (free of charge)

9 Night’s Accommodation

Triple Rooms for players
Single Rooms for Staff

Breakfast and Dinner each day included

Return Motor Coach Transfers to and from all Excursions, fixtures, coaching sessions and airport

Tour Manager
Full time tour manager to accompany the group during their tour

Football fixtures
2 x Fixtures for each team

Coaching with Bayern Munich
5 x Coaching Sessions with Bayern coaches Matthias Nowak or similar
5 x Coaching Session with other top performance coaches

Match Day Tickets
1st  Choice FC Bayern
2nd Choice TSV 1860 Munich
3rd Choice FC Augsburg

Guided tour of the Allianz Arena and FC Bayern museum/world
Entrance to BMW Welt Museum
Visit and Tour of the Olympic Stadium and Park
Free time in Munich
Boarding school (intercultural exchange and learning)
example: Ten Pin Bowling, Air Hop

Drinks with meals
Travel insurance

Cooperation with school Gymnasium Schäftlarn

Save environment for all boys and girls due to experience through decades
Haus International
Elisabethstraße 87
80797 München
Tel.: +49 (0)89 12006-0
Fax: +49 (0)89 12006-630 

Restaurants and catering on individual request
There will be a service included for drinks and snacks (fruits) for every day and sufficient catering during the training sessions.

Our possible facilities to stay in contact with the kids abroad:

Glympse, WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Line, Skype, livestream, Instagram, Nimbuzz, kakao
We cover every wanted communication service worldwide.

Our pitches:
TSV Munich Solln, or else
Herterichstraße 139, D-81476 Munich

Training outcome and documentation:
every participating player becomes
- an official certificate
- a detailed performance outcome (Speedanalysis and swot analysis of his/her skills)
- fact sheets of his/her participating sessions
- feedback sheets at the beginning  (expectations) and at the end (results)


- DFB-youth concept
- DFB development
- providing teamsport related values
- braintraining
- visual/cognitive training
- creativity CPSB (University Buffalo, US)

For our girls: Many female coaches from FC Bayern or Austrian National team women’s team

Training intensity and content depends on request:
we can offer all kind of levels from grassroots to high performance in every age, boys and girls
We can focus for example on:
- two-footed
- creativity
- 1vs1
- defense work
- offense work
- tactics
- intelligence
Please contact us for a precise description of your individual program

Our leading principals, special learning and intercultural focus 
Todays football is
- polyvalenz
- two footed
- creativity
- deep learing
- values

Everyone has determined that movement is good for body and mind. If, for example, you come home after a walk, the brain is again supplied with fresh oxygen and the thinking is easier. But there is much more! Ever while jogging by the way, counted aloud in front of you and at the same time the ABC says (1 A, 2 B, 3 C,...)? It's about the ultimate Brainfitness program. Just as you can exercise your muscles in the fitness center, the brain can also be brought to the fore with targeted exercise tasks and appropriate exercises! 

Whether it's a letter run, Bunny & Hunter or clap my hand – with each our exercises presented, the brain forms new synapses, which in turn broaden our scope of action and our creativity. Not only the concentration capacity, but also the sense of balance and rhythmic ability are trained. There are no more excuses from the kindergarten child to the senior from now on, his upper little room.

So get in contact! We can show you, what you can do for your kids!